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    Do You Have A Lump in Your Stomach

    By Laparoscopic SolutionsPosted On 14-Jan-2017

    Hernia can be often noticed as a swelling, which is actually caused by an organ which pushes itself out through openings in tissues and muscles that are responsible for holding the organ. Hernias are most usually seen near the abdomen, but still, they can also appear near belly button or can say they appear in an area between your stomach and thigh.
    A cholecystectomy is commonly performed to treat gallstones and their complications. The following Conditions are Treated with Cholecystectomy.

    Causes of Hernia

    Factors that are mostly responsible for or that makes way to hernia comes from smoking, obesity, previous open appendix surgery, pregnancy etc. Hernia can also be caused due to the muscle weakness and strain and off course incorrect posture.

    When Hernia is usually occurring ?

    Hernia occurs mostly during the age of 30-60+ more often, but can also happen before them. Hernia can also be spotted after pregnancy (failure of the abdominal wall to close properly in the womb before birth). And when aging up the muscles become weaker and hence hernia can easily occur.

    Is Hernia Painful ?

    It appears differently to different personals. however, hernia may appear as a painless lump to a severely painful swollen part (swollen skin), sometimes you may feel pain in the swollen area while straining your body like while lifting anything or while coughing etc.

    Hernia Treatment

    During surgery to repair Hernia, the bulging tissue is pushed back in. Your abdominal wall is strengthened and supported with sutures (stitches), and sometimes mesh. This Hernia Repair can be done with open or laparoscopic surgery (keyhole surgery).

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    Authored By DR.R.K.Sinha