• Intestine Block Treatments

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    Intussusception is an emergency condition in which a part of the intestine slides into an adjacent part of the intestine. This leads to blockage of food or fluid from passing through. It also blocks the blood supply to the affected part of the intestine that can lead to a tear in the bowel (perforation), infection and death of bowel tissue.

    Intussusception (IS) is a common cause of bowel obstruction that is accompanied by a significant morbidity and mortality. It is one of the main abdominal emergencies in children. Intussusception is rare in adults and is mostly a result of an underlying medical condition, such as a tumor.

    Symptoms of Intussusceptions

    • Abdominal distention/lump

    • Abdominal pain that usually occurs at every 15 to 20 minutes at first followed by longer and frequent episodes

    • Nausea and vomiting

    • Stool mixed with blood and mucus

    • Lethargy

    • Diarrhea

    • Fever

    Diagnosis of Intussusceptions

    Diagnosis of Intussusceptions is usually based on clinical features and is confirmed by an ultrasound and/or computer tomography scan.

    Laparoscopic surgery for Intussusceptions

    The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia with surgeon making 3-4 tiny incisions in the abdomen. One of the incisions is used to insert a port (nozzle) that fills the carbon dioxide gas into the abdomen to inflate it. Now laparoscope is inserted through another incision. A laparoscope is a telescope lookalike with a light and camera on the end. It allows the surgeon to clearly view inside of the abdomen on the monitor outside. A thorough exploration of the peritoneal cavity is performed and on confirmation of intussusception, its reduction is done by a combination of delicate direct pressure on the transverse colon and gentle pulling on the distal small bowel. In almost all the cases, appendix is also removed in the same procedure. This is followed by thorough cleaning of the abdominal cavity and closure of incisions.

    Advantages of Laparoscopic surgery for Intussusceptions

    • Less pain

    • Shorter operative time

    • Better cosmetic result

    • Shorter hospital stay

    • Shorter time to full feeds

    • Lower requirement for intravenous narcotics

    • Faster recovery

    • Sooner return to work

    • Smaller incisions without any cut on abdominal muscles

    • Negligible risks and complications

    • Less chances of wound infection

    • High success rate

    • Lower long-term risk of adhesive bowel obstruction

    Authored By DR.R.K.Sinha