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    Laparoscopic Colectomy for Treating Colon Carcinoma

    By Laparoscopic Solutions Posted On May 30 2017

    Colon carcinoma is a cancer affecting the lower part of our digestive system including colon and rectum. Also known as colorectal cancer, it occurs in the form of abnormal cell growths, lumps or polyps occurring in the large intestine or rectum. Laparoscopic colectomy for colon carcinoma is an effective surgical procedure for the treatment of the disease, utilising the latest advancement of technologies.

    Symptoms of colon carcinoma

    Colon carcinoma is characterised by the following symptoms: -

    • Constipation or diarrhoea which persists for more than four weeks

    • Change in bowel habits

    • Blood in stool or rectal bleeding

    • Vomiting or nausea

    • Abdominal pain, cramps or gassiness

    • Unexplained weight loss

    Causes of Colon carcinoma

    The accurate reasons for the occurrence of colon cancer are yet to be ascertained. However, the genetic links point to a hereditary factor of the disease. Colon carcinoma is known to commonly occur in people after the age of 50 years. Certain diet patterns are also known to contribute to the occurrence of the disease

    Diagnosis and treatment of colon carcinoma

    The treatment for colon carcinoma is initiated after conducting diagnosis procedures to ascertain the nature and spread of the disease. The various diagnosis tests include stool DNA test, faecal occult blood test, colonoscopy, barium enema, MRI and CT scans and so on.

    Laparoscopic colectomy

    Laparoscopic colectomy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, performed after sedating the patient with general anaesthesia. It involves making a few tiny incisions in the abdominal area to insert a laparoscope and associated instruments, to remove the colon from the adjoining tissues.

    The corrections to the colon are done after bringing it out through the incision. Once the procedure is completed, it is reinserted through the incision and reconnected with the digestive system to facilitate regular functioning.

    The laparoscopic procedure ensures faster recovery and fewer complications related to bleeding. The procedure is relatively painless as well.

    Dr. R K Sinha is a leading laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon, specialised in treatment diseases and conditions related to the digestive system.

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