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    By Laparoscopic SolutionsPosted On 18-01-2019

    An inguinal hernia occurs when the tissue pushes out of the weak point present in the groin muscle. Generally, a bulge occurs in the scrotum, labia or groin. Now there are a few points about the treatment of a hernia. A hernia can never get cured by itself. In the beginning symptoms like light pain in the abdominal area, burning sensations, constipation, fevers, disorder in passing flatus or gas are commonly found. To treat these kinds of discomforts, medications are prescribed by the doctors. But gradually the hernia can grow or get strangulated. In such a case patients can even die.

    The question is whether to consider surgery or not?


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     When is the right time for surgery?

    Here are a few things you need to know about an inguinal hernia. For many people, hernia doesn't lead to any symptoms for months. If there is no proper symptoms or symptoms that are actually bothering you, you can easily wait. Sometimes hernia is small and thus doesn't create any problem. In that case, one can delay.

    But sometimes doctors do recommend surgery at an early stage as hernia can create a problem called strangulation. Strangulation occurs when a piece of fatty tissue gets trapped inside a hernia and gets cut off from any blood supply. This can even cause death. So surgery needs to be conducted immediately in such a situation.

    Also if one is going through immense abdominal pain while doing any exercise, coughing or sneezing, it clearly shows that the hernia is getting big in size and it can lead to further complications. In such a situation, no medications will work. Surgery can only cure the hernia completely!
    The best doctor in India for hernia treatment!

    hernia surgery in mumbai


    Dr R. K. Sinha is one such doctor who offers the best inguinal hernia treatment in India. Together with his team, he has performed several complicated hernia surgeries and has helped the patients to get cured completely. One of his most experienced field is laparoscopic or keyhole surgery.

    A complete diagnosis is the first stage of his treatment. Through CT Scans or ultrasound the condition of the hernia is detected and then the decision for surgery is taken. Since he has conducted several laparoscopic  hernia surgery in Mumbai, you can rely on him completely. Book an appointment to discuss details!

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