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    By Laparoscopic SolutionsPosted On 21-04-2018

    Some are born thin. Some others are born flat. However, as years pass by, every human being’s physique changes due to the consumption of junk food, hormonal imbalance and stressed out lifestyle. We just can’t help it as in a highly competitive and hectic world; none of us get time to lead a healthy routine and the challenges of obese physique are absolutely ignored. Most certainly, it turns out to be an utterly taxing mission; by the time, each of us realizes that to be as fit as a fiddle is the need of the hour. We, then resort to lots of personally formulated weight loss mechanisms such as dieting, physical exercises, Yoga etc to have a proportionate body of our dream. For a few, those measures do work out. How about the other bunch?!! In such a scenario, it is suggested to opt for scientifically proven methods to shed the extra kilos of one’s body.

    Laparoscopic Gastric Banding in Mumbai performed by Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sinha (Consultant Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgeon) of Criticare Multispeciality Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai is one such a tried and tested bariatric surgery that helps to reduce the overall weight of an individual. This surgical procedure is long lasting and less painful, indeed. Dr. Sinha, an eminent laparoscopic surgeon in Mumbai has a proven record of conducting many successful keyhole surgeries throughout his twenty-year-long career span. Not to mention, his professional memberships in world-class medical associations; and professional training he has received from India and abroad are definitely golden feathers in his cap.

    Eat Less and Feel Full

    The real difficulty of an obese individual is that he cannot have his stomach empty at any cost. His hands go in search of something edible; from the very moment, the food consumed by him starts digesting. Through Laparoscopic Gastric Banding, a tiny stomach pouch is artificially created right at the upper part of the stomach with the aid of a band. This particular band, in a way, helps the individual to refrain himself from having more food as he feels his stomach is almost full even after taking a negligible amount of food. It is also possible for the surgeon to regulate the gastric band in such a way that the process of passage of the food can be made either slowly or fastly.

    How is Laparoscopic Gastric Banding Carried Out?

    1. A general anesthesia is given and therefore, no pain of the surgery needs to be endured by the individual as he sleeps throughout the procedure of maximum one hour.
    2. The surgeon makes a few cuts (Max. 5) on the upper abdomen to place the laparoscope (camera) and other required tools for the surgery inside the stomach in order to view the interior part of it.
    3. Finally, he places the gastric band surrounding the upper part of the stomach and then tightens it so that a small pouch with a narrow opening to the lower part of the stomach can be created.

    Apparently, Laparoscopic Gastric Banding thus helps an overweight individual not only to maintain his Body Mass Index (BMI) but also to gauge his confidence level.

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