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    By Laparoscopic SolutionsPosted On 21-11-2017

    The pancreas is an organ that is often overlooked although they play an important role in the production of enzymes for digestion. Hence pancreatic cancer is also not easily detected or talked upon often. Pancreatic cancer occurs due to the presence of abnormal cell growth that multiplies swiftly to form tumors within the pancreas.
    With the advent of laparoscopy, surgery for pancreatic cancer also called laparoscopic pancreatectomy has become a popular treatment option. When conducted by a skilled and efficient laparoscopic surgeon, laparoscopic pancreatectomy is relatively riskless than the conventional surgery procedure.
    Dr. RK Sinha has made a name for himself in the field of laparoscopic surgeries, with his proficiency in the field. The doctor has had a wealth of experiences in handling different cases successfully. He is considered as one of the best laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon in the India.
    Laparoscopic surgery for pancreatic cancer is also associated with faster recovery, smaller incisions, less bleeding or blood loss, complications or infections. The patient can return to daily life faster than the conventional treatment. Laparoscopic surgery for pancreatic cancer is also associated with a high rate of success.

    So what are the possible manifestations of pancreatic cancer?

    As the cancer of the pancreas is not much talked about, people are less aware of the disease. However, it is imperative to watch out vomiting or nausea, abdominal pain and discoloration of eyes and skin as in jaundice. The disease is also associated with fatigue, unexplained weight loss, and weakness.

    More about the laparoscopic surgery for pancreatic cancer

    Once the presence of abnormal growth is detected with CT scan, MRI scan endoscopic ultrasound or any such diagnostic procedure, a laparoscopic procedure can be conducted to collect cells for biopsy or to remove the unwanted growth.
    The procedure is conducted with the help of a laparoscope after the administration of general anesthesia. The incisions are small and hence help in faster recovery and minimal blood loss.
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