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    Treatment for Pyloric Stenosis

    By Laparoscopic SolutionsPosted On 14-March-2017

    Pyloric stenosis is a medical condition that is commonly seen in infants and the symptoms begin to appear at the age of three to five weeks. Blockage of the food is, in fact, the major cause of this medical condition.

    What is pyloric stenosis ?

    Pyloric stenosis is the condition in which an infant orally forces out the milk and food he has ingested in the form of vomiting or so. This because of the pylorus getting enlarged and preventing the ingested food from moving to the small intestine from the stomach. Pylorus is a valve that is located between the stomach and the small intestine.This forces the food to stay in the stomach and ultimately is forced outside through the mouth.

    How is pyloric stenosis diagnosed ?

    methods used to diagnose pyloric stenosis include blood tests to check for dehydration, an x-ray or an ultrasound scan

    Treatment For Pyloric Stenosis :

    Surgical methods are usually considered as the best solution to the menace of pyloric stenosis. The process is called pyloromyotomy. Minimally Invasive Surgical Methods are more than enough to carry out a pyloromyotomy. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and the doctor most likely makes about three to four incisions in the abdomen to carry out the surgery. Carbon dioxide is used to inflate the abdomen and then a laparoscope is inserted. This is followed by the actual surgery. This surgery, being MAS, leaves no possibility of a later infection and is quick and painless.
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